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13thC Arab Baths - Baza

Exploring the Area

13thC Arab Baths -Baza
Granada, Andalucía, Spain

Now open to the public, the Baños Árabes, or Arab Baths, are well worth a visit. With its hot, tepid and cold rooms it is one of the best examples of this type of building in the whole of Spain.

The Baths are situated just off the
Plaza de Santiago in the old Moorish quarter of Marzuela in the town of Baza. Built in the 13thC and 14C these Baths were discovered at the end of the 19thC by the historian Gómez Moreno. In recent years the building has undergone a program of painstaking restoration and the whole edifice is protected by a concrete shell.

Baños Árabes were finally opened to the public in July 2009.

Arab Baths - Baños Árabes
Arab Baths - Baños Árabes
Arab Baths - Baños Árabes
Arab Baths - Baños Árabes

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