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Granada, Andalucía

Baza Weather

Parque de la Alameda, Baza
Cascamorras Fountain, Baza

Parque de la Alameda

Cascamorras Fountain, Plaza de las Eras

The old market town of Baza (see Map) has approximately 23,000 inhabitants and is the principal of the 8 municipalities that make up the Comarca de Baza in the Altiplano de Granada, Andalucía, Spain. It is steeped in history and in 2003 the town was declared of National Historic Interest.

The area has been of strategic importance throughout history as it was on the major trading and military routes from the
Levante (Eastern Coast) to Granada and beyond. Throughout the centuries various settlers, from prehistoric man through to the Iberians, Romans and Moors, have left their mark on Baza and its surroundings.

Sta. María de la Encarnación

Sta. María de la Encarnación


The original city of Baza was founded in the 4thC BC by the Iberians and was known as Basti. Later it was incorporated into the Roman province of Tarraco. The archaeological site of Basti is to be found at 3km from the town centre and is of great historic importance.

A walk around
Baza is well worth the effort. The areas around the remains of the Moorish Alcazaba (old fortress) and the magnificently preserved 13thC Arab Baths, with their narrow streets and quaint architecture, are of particular interest.

Baza  - old wooden balcony
Iglesia de Los Dolores

Old Wooden Balcony

18thC Iglesia de Los Dolores

A visit to the Museum in the main square is a must. It houses a replica of the famous "Dama de Baza", a sculpture of a Lady found in a nearby necropolis and believed to date back to 400 BC. An interesting film show is available for the public to see which effectively recreates the life and times of the ancient city of Basti.

There are many other buildings of historic and cultural interest in the town including the 16thC
Iglesia (Church) de Santa María de la Encarnación, the Iglesia de Santiágo, with its exquisitely worked wooden Mudejar ceiling, and the Palacio de los Enriquez, which is currently under restoration.

This is an excellent place to stay whilst exploring the
Altiplano de Granada. There a number of hotels (hoteles) and rental properties (alojamientos and casas rurales) in and around the town.

Baza Market
Baza Plaza Mayor

Baza Market

Baza Main Square


Feb/Mar (depending on Lent/Easter) -
3rd May -
Cruces de Mayo (May Floral Crosses).
23rd-24th June -
Noche de San Juan (Night of St. John).
6th Sept -
Cascamorras - declared a Fiesta of Cultural and Touristic Interest, is a lively re-enactment of the attempt by a man of the town of Guadix to steal the statue of the Virgen de la Piedad. He, and all the participants in this spectacular fiesta, are pelted with "mud", with which they are totally covered from head to foot.
6th-15th Sept - Main fiestas in honour of the
Virgen de la Piedad.
4th Dec -
Santa Bárbara.


Wednesday morning
Sunday morning (
Rastro/Car boot) at the Hotel Abadi, A-92 Junction 342 (Baza Hospital)

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