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Granada, Andalucía

Caniles Weather

The large village of Caniles (see Map) is situated at the south-east border of the Sierra de Baza Natural Park, in the Altiplano de Granada, Andalucía, Spain. It is often referred to as the gateway to the park. It is located in a valley at the confluence of two rivers and is surrounded by fertile countryside.

Many archaeological remains dating back to prehistoric times have been discovered in the area in locations such as the
Cueva de la Pastora and the Poblado de los Montones de Piedra. Throughout the ages many peoples lived in the region including Phoenicians, Iberians, Romans and Moors. In Roman and Moorish times gold was mined from the area of Morax.

Igl. Santa María y San Pedro, Caniles
Town Hall, Caniles

Iglesia de Santa María y San Pedro

Caniles Town Hall

Caniles was once an important and well fortified frontier town and during the Christian reconquest was known by beseiging Castillian troops to be very difficult to take. A restored Moorish watch-tower, situated on the road between Caniles and Baza, can still be seen.

In the village itself the church of
Santa María y San Pedro is of cultural interest. It was built in the 16thC and 17thC on the site of the old mosque. Inside can be seen some beautiful Moorish craftsmanship produced by Mudejar artisans.

A walk around the village reveals some fine 17thC, 18thC and 19thC buildings, including the
Pósito theatre and the Hermitage of San Sebastián. There are also a number of cave houses (casas cueva) in the village which add to its charm.

There are many places for the visitor to stay in and around the area (
hoteles,alojamientos and casas rurales).

Hermitage of San Sebastián, Caniles


Hermitage of San Sebastián


18th-20th January -
"Robo del Santo" (Stealing of the Saint) in honour of San Sebastián.

"Dia de la Vieja" (Day of the Old Lady), held during Semana Santa (Easter Holy week).

11th-13th June -
San Antonio de Padua.

1st week in August -
Feria de Caniles (Annual Fair).


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