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Castilléjar Weather

The picturesque and friendly village of Castilléjar de los Ríos (see Map) is situated between green and fertile valleys at the confluence of the Río Guardal and the Río Galera. Surrounding the area is some of the most spectacular "badland" scenery in the Altiplano de Granada, Andalucía, Spain. The name of the village derives from the Spanish word for castle, "castilla".

This area has been populated since prehistoric times, as has been indicated by the archaeological remains discovered in the
Cuevas de Guardal. There are also traces of an Iberian town and cemetary which date back to the 6thC - 5thC BC.

View over Castilléjar
Parish Church, Castilléjar

View over Castilléjar

Castilléjar Parish Church

There are many cave houses (casas cueva) in the village and the surrounding countryside, some of which date back to Moorish times. A spectacular collection of these historic Moorish cave dwellings, dating from the 12thC, can be seen high up on the cliff banks of the river, in an area known as La Morería.

In 1650, after the defeat of the Moors by Christian forces, the parish church of
Nuestra Señora de la Purísima Inmaculada Concepción was built on the remnants of an ancient fortress.

From the village there are a number of beautiful and tranquil walks to be enjoyed, along the riverside and amongst the leafy poplar plantations.

There a many places for visitors to stay in and around the area (
casas rurales, hoteles and alojamientos).

la Morería
Río Guardal, Castilléjar

La Morería

Río Guardal


2nd Feb -
Fiestas de la Candelaria.
Easter Week - Semana Santa.
3rd May - Fiestas de la Cruz (Floral Crosses).
15th May -
San Isidro.
Early Aug - San Domingo de Guzmán (Patron saint).
7th Oct -
Virgen del Rosario (Virgin of the Rosary).


Saturday morning

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