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Castril Weather

The picturesque village of Castril de la Peña (see Map), to give it its full name, is situated in the Altiplano de Granada, Andalucía, Spain, on the slope of a rocky crag (peña), close to the beautiful Sierra de Castril and the Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Natural Parks.

Although the occupation of Castril goes back to Carthaginian times, it was the Romans who first used the
Peña as a base for a military camp. The village was given its name by the Romans, whose name for a military camp was "castro".

Castril plaza


Castril village scene

During the Moorish occupation the village was fortified and given the name of "Qastalla" (Castle). In 1319 it was beseiged by the Christians and changed hands on several occasions until, in 1489, it was finally conquered by the "Reyes Catolicos" (Ferdinando and Isabella). Remains of the Moorish fortifications can still be seen.

The most outstanding feature of the village is the
Peña del Sagrado Corazón (Rock of the Sacred Heart), the top of which can be reached by a footpath. From here there are wonderful views of the village and it surrounding countryside.

The parish church of
Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles (Our Lady of the Angels) dates back to the 16thC.

The village of
Castril is a perfect centre from which to explore the beautiful surrounding countryside, the River Castril (see Castril Walk - Town and River) and the nearby Natural Park of Sierra de Castril. There are a number of places to stay (hoteles, alojamientos and casas rurales) in and around the village.

View over Castril
View to Sierra Castril

View over Castril

View to Sierra Castril


17th January -
San Antón.

Last Sunday in April -
Romería de la Virgen de la Cabeza.

15th August -
Feria de las Trampas.

1st weekend of October -
Feria Grande (Main Fair).


Friday morning

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