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Cave Houses

Cave Dwellings

Cave Houses
Granada, Andalucía, Spain

One of the most fascinating and eccentric features of the Altiplano de Granada, in Andalucía, Spain, is the large number of cave houses (casas cueva) to be found throughout the region in towns, villages and countryside. Most cave dwellings are hand-hewn and can date back to the Middle Ages. Spectacular galleries of abandoned Moorish cave houses can be seen high up in cliff faces in such places as Benamaurel (Las Hafas) and Castilléjar (La Morería). Cave houses are still being excavated to this day, using modern machinery.

La Moreria

Modern Cave Houses

Old Moorish Cave Houses

No two cave houses are the same. Some have front additions and others are on more than one level. A majority of the cave houses lived in today have been modernised, some to a very high standard, but all still retain many of their original features. Inside, their rounded walls and ceilings are almost always white-washed, giving them a light and airy yet cosy ambience.

The atmosphere within these caves is dry and comfortable, with temperatures fairly stable at 18C to 20C. There is a variation of a couple of degrees between the summer and winter months, depending on the orientation of the cave.

Increasingly, these eco-friendly, highly unusual and often very reasonably priced properties are attracting foreign home-buyers to this area. There are also cave bars, restaurants, hotels (
hoteles) and many holiday lodgings (alojamientos and casas rurales) to be found all over the Altiplano.

Cave Interior
Old Cave

Restored Cave House Interior

Old Cave House

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