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Cortes de Baza

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Cortes de Baza
Granada, Andalucía

Cortes de Baza Weather

The village of Cortes de Baza (see Map) is situated in the Altiplano de Granada, Andalucía, Spain, to the north of Lake Negratín and overlooking the valley of the Río Castril (River Castril). The poplars which line the riverside and the beautiful fertile plain (vega) below the village give the area a tranquil and oasis-like quality.

Many archaeological remains have been found in this area which date its occupation from prehistoric through to Iberian, Greek, Roman and Moorish times.

Cortes de Baza town square
Parish Church Cortes de Baza

Cortes de Baza Town Square

Cortes de Baza Parish Church

The many cave dwellings in the village and its surrounding hamlets, such as La Teja and Las Cucharetas, add to the charm of this beautiful area. Although many of these cave houses (casas cueva) are lived in permanently, there are also quite a number of others that have been attractively renovated and are now for sale or for holiday rental (alojamientos and casas rurales).

In the historic part of the town, the church of
Nuestra Señora de la Anunciación (Our Lady of the Anunciation) is to be found. The church was built in renaissance style between the 16C and 17thC, after the Christian reconquest. The exquisite woodwork inside the building was crafted in Moorish style by Mudejar artisans, using local pinewood.

View from Village

View from Cortes de Baza



3rd May - Dia de la Cruz (Day of the Floral Crosses).

Second to last weekend in August - Fiesta of
Los Santos Médicos, Saints Cosme and Damian, the patron saints of Cortes de Baza.


Saturday morning

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