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Cuevas del Campo

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Cuevas del Campo
Granada, Andalucía

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The pleasant and tranquil village of Cuevas del Campo (see Map), in the Altiplano de Granada, Andalucía, Spain, is situated in a deeply eroded landscape to the north of Lake Negratín and gives access to two beaches, one of which is naturist. It also has spectacular views both over the lake and out to the snow-capped Sierra Nevada.

The area has been lived in since prehistoric times. The earliest discovered remains date back to 6500 BC and indicate that the early inhabitants were nomadic hunters. There is also evidence of a Roman presence in the area. Water deposits have been found which were used to collect rainwater for the troops as they marched along the nearby Roman road (Via Augusta).

Cuevas de Campo

Cuevas del Campo


The village acquired its name, literally "Country Caves", from the large number of caves in the area. These were hewn out by the shepherds and farmers from the nearby village of Zújar as temporary refuges. Growth of the village itself was slow. In 1887 there were 87 caves and only one house. In 1891 the concession for irrigation water from the nearby canal was granted to the area and this enabled the village to expand. It achieved its independance from Zujar in 1980.

To this day, a large number of the houses in the village are cave houses (
casas cueva). Many of these have been attractively renovated and some are for sale or for holiday rents (alojamientos and casas rurales).

Jabalcón from Viewpoint
Passion Play

Jabalcón from Viewpoint

Passion Play


Easter Holy Week -
Semana Santa Viviente, when the Passion of Christ, including the crucifixion and resurrection, is movingly re-enacted by more than 600 participants.

15th-16th May -
San Isidro.

15th-16th August -
Feria - Summer Fair.

Early October -
Santo Ángel.


Tuesday morning

Info Update
June 2012 - We visited the Naturist Beach and were disappointed to find that the water was so high that it covered where the beach used to be. The whole area was neglected, the straw sunshades and sunbeds had gone and there was rubbish strewn around. What a pity!

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