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Granada, Andalucía

Cúllar Weather

The town of Cúllar (see Map) is situated near the edge of the Altiplano de Granada, Andalucía, Spain, where it abuts the Region of Murcia. The name of the village was once "Qúllar" meaning "elevated land". It is surrounded by both semi-desert and lush cultivated land.

Over the millenia many cultures have left their mark on the area. At one of the several important archaeological sites, that of Malagón, a carefully worked Bronze Age ivory figure, known as the
"Ídolo de Malagón", has been found, dated approximately 2700 to 2300 BC.

View over Cúllar
Cúllar Main Square

Cúllar Town view

Cúllar Main Square

On a hillside overlooking the town, accessed by a narrow road, there is an 11thC Moorish watchtower, the "Torre de Alabí", which bears witness to earlier Arab domination. The Iglesia de la Anunciación (Church of the Anunciation) and the Palacio de los Marqueses de Cadimo were built in the 16C, after the Christian reconquest.

In the village there exist many cave houses (
casas cueva), most of them in a good state of preservation. Around 50% of the villagers live in cave dwellings. The percentage of cave-dwellers in the surrounding hamlets is even higher and can be as much as 90%.

There are a number of places to stay in the area (
hoteles, alojamientos and casas rurales).

Torre de Alabí
Palace de los Marqueses de Cadimo, Cúllar

Torre de Alabí

Palacio de los Marqueses de Cadimo, Cúllar


Last week in April - "Moors and Christians" re-enactment and processions in honour of the
Virgen de la Cabeza.
End of August - San Agustín.
End of October - Feria - local fair, created by decree by Queen Isabel II in 1834.


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