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Granada, Andalucía

Galera Weather

The charming village of Galera (see Map), in the Altiplano de Granada, Andalucía, Spain, is situated in a landscape of contrasting arid desert and green, fertile river valleys. There are numerous old cave houses (casas cueva) excavated into the hillsides. Many of these have been modernised to high standards and are used as holiday rentals, second homes and permanent residences.

The area has been lived in since prehistoric times and archaeological remains have been found dating back to 2000 BC. In later years Romans and, later still, Moors occupied the region until the Christian reconquest at the end of 15thC. The area was known as Tútugi until, by the 14thC, the town had been given the name of
Galera. The first official documents concerning the town of Galera date back to 1320.

Galera Village and Church
Village Houses Galera

Galera Village and Church

Galera Village Houses

The fascinating Iberian necropolis of Tútugi (7thC to 3rdC BC ) can be visited nearby. This is the largest Iberian burial site found in Spain. It was here that a Phoenician figure, now known as the "Dama de Galera", was found.

Also of great interest is the
Castellón Alto Bronze Age archaeological site, which is within a kilometre of the centre of the village. This partly reconstructed settlement of the Argaric people, which has been declared a Site of Cultural Interest, is the oldest visitable archaeological excavation site in Andalucía (Andalusia).

Of historical interest inside the village are the
Iglesia de la Anunciación (Church of the Anunciation) which was built in 16thC in baroque and Moorish style and the Archaeological Museum. Housed in the Museum are the remains of a man and a child which were found in Castellón Alto in 2002. They are in a good state of preservation and believed to date back to 1600 BC.

There are a number of places to stay in the village and in the area (
alojamientos, casas rurales and hoteles).

Iron bridge Paseo
Castellón Allto, Galera

Iron Bridge Paseo

Castellón Alto, Galera


4th Jan -
Rosario de San Aquilino.
15th Jan - San Antón.
Thursday before Lent - Jueves Lardero, a day for the village to go out into the country and eat tortillas (omelettes).
Easter Week -
Semana Santa.
First or second weekend in Aug - Main fiestas in honour of
Stmo. Cristo de la Expiración.
15th Aug - Día del Melón (Day of the Melon).
7th Oct -
Virgen del Rosario.
13th Dec -
Santa Lucía.


Wednesday morning

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