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Index of Trips

Exploring the Area

Index of Trips
in and around the
Altiplano de Granada
Granada, Andalucía, Spain


Basti - Ancient Baza
Finding and exploring the fascinating archaeological site of the old Ibero-Roman city of Basti.

13thC Arab Baths - Baza
recently restored Moorish bath-house in the town of Baza is well worth a visit.

Baza Car Boot/ Rastro

Baza Car Boot Sale/ Rastro
This increasingly popular Sunday market is a must for locals and visitors alike.

Las Hafas

Exploring Benamaurel
A 1hr circular walk round Moorish Benamaurel and an optional drive.

Rio Castril

Castril Walk - Town and River
A delightful 1hr30mins walk through a gorge, along the River Castril and through the village.

La Sagra

Huéscar - La Sagra
A lovely scenic circular 3 hr drive around the peak of La Sagra.

Sagra Summit Walk

La Sagra Summit
A 5 hour return walk to the imposing summit of La Sagra (2,381m).

Walkway at Minas de Silex Viewpoint

Orce - Minas de Silex Circuit
A 30km circular drive to the site of prehistoric silex mines through wonderful mountain scenery.

Ermita de la Virgen de la Cabeza

Jabalcon - Summit and Circuit
A spectacular 30km drive up to the summit of Cerro de Jabalcon (1,492m) and around its flanks.

Santa Barbara Summit

Santa Barbara Summit - Sierra de Baza
A 1-1½ hr return walk up to the summit (2,269m) with its spectacular panoramic views.

Dolme 134

Gorafe Dolmens Circuit
A circular drive through the stunning scenery of the Parque Megalítica of Gorafe.

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