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Natural Parks

Natural Environment

Natural Parks of the Altiplano
de Granada
Granada, Andalucía, Spain

The Altiplano de Granada is surrounded by, and has easy access to, a number of spectacular Natural Parks including the Sierra Nevada, Sierra María and Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas.
It also has two beautiful Natural Parks of its own.

Sierra de Baza

Accessed from Caniles, Baza and the A-92 motorway, this area of natural beauty covers a total of 53,649 hectares. Its peaks range from 1200m to 2269m, the highest of which is the peak of Santa Bárbara.

The Park is a mixture of dense forests of pine trees, which are used for commercial forestry purposes, craggy summits, deep gorges and pastureland. There are also many other trees including oaks, chestnuts, maples, poplars and junipers.

Sierra de Baza

The Sierra is home to deer, wild boar, mountain goats, badgers and birds of prey, including Golden and Bonelli's Eagles and the Egyptian Vulture. Many other species of birds can be seen and there is also a wealth of flora. It even boasts its own specie of butterfly, the Baza Butterfly.

Narváez Visitor and Environmental Education Centre, accessed from the A-92, is a source of tourist information and includes an interesting Museum. There are number of rooms, and also wooden cabins, to stay in, a pleasant bar, which has an open fire in winter, and a well-appointed restaurant. There are also many other places to stay in the area (hoteles, casas rurales and alojamientos).

There are many possiblities for exploring the whole area by car, bicycle or on foot. Anyone seeking solitude can, should they wish, travel for miles, summer or winter, without seeing a soul. There are a number of way-marked walks and places of interest to see, including the sites of old copper and gold mines and abandoned farms and villages.

Sierra de Castril

This lovely, dramatic and rugged limestone area has peaks over 2000m high. The whole Park has been sculpted by water and gives birth to the
Río Castril which crosses the area from north to south. There are waterfalls, cave systems and verdant valleys.

Sierra is home to many species of plants and animals. Trees include pines, holm oaks, junipers and maples. Also to be found here are mountain goats, moufflon, fallow deer, wild boar and a wealth of bird life including the Golden Eagle, Peregine Falcon and Griffon Vulture. The rivers, which contain trout and other fish, also attract many other species of birds, including kingfishers, herons and dippers.

On the edge of the village of
Castril there is a Visitor Information Centre and Museum. There are a number of recreational areas and a campsite (acampamiento). Many beautiful walks in the Park are way-marked and are of varying grades and durations.

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