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Granada, Andalucía

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The historic village of Orce (see Map), in the Altiplano de Granada, Andalucía, Spain, is a gem. It is dominated by its Moorish castle and Christian church and situated in an area rich in prehistoric remains. The most famous of these archaeological finds is the 1.6 million-year-old fragment of a skull known as the "Hombre de Orce" (Orce Man). Many of these ancient remains, including the skull, can be found in the Museum of Prehistory and Palaentology, in the centre of the village.

The scenery surrounding the village is a contrast of arid semi-desert and lush pastoral land, with views to the
Sierra María Natural Park.

The area has been much lived in throughout the ages. It has been settled by peoples from Neolithic times through to Romans, Visigoths and Moors, until the Christian reconquest in the 15thC.

View over Orce
Avenida de Los Canos, Orce

View over Orce

Avenida de Los Caños, Orce

Testament to Orce's historic past can be seen in its impressive monuments. These include the 11thC Alcazaba de Siete Torres (Castle of Seven Towers), which houses the Museum, the 18thC Palacio de los Belmonte-Segura, the Church of Santa María and the Church of San Sebastián, which was built on the site of a Muslim shrine.

Near the centre of this pretty village is a lovely tree-lined walk, known as the
Paseo de los Caños.

There are a number of archaeological sites around Orce including the 5,000 year old silex mines, at Minas de Silex de la Venta.

At 2km. from Orce, on the road to Galera, is to be found the popular recreational area of Fuencaliente. Here there is a bathing pool which is warmed to a year-round temperature of 21C, by a natural thermal spring, and is home to a multitude of small fish.

There a number of places to stay in the area (
hoteles, casas rurales and alojamientos).

Palacio de los Belmonte-Segura

Palacio de los Belmonte-Segura



16th Jan -
San Antón and San Sebastián.
Feb (Thurs before Lent) - Jueves Lardero, when the villagers go out into the country and eat tortillas (omelettes).
3rd May - Día de la Cruz (Day of Floral Crosses).
Last Sun in May -
Romería (Pilgimage) de la Virgen de la Cabeza.
Mid-Aug - Main Orce Fiesta.
3rd Sept - La Feria Chica (Small Fair).


Tuesday morning

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