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Puebla de Don Fadrique

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Puebla de Don Fadrique
Granada, Andalucía

Puebla de Don Fadrique Weather

The outstandingly attractive village of Puebla de Don Fadrique (see Map) is situated in the northernmost part of the Altiplano de Granada in Andalucía, Spain. It is surrounded by lovely verdant countryside and is dominated by the spectacular mountain peak of La Sagra.

Archaeological remains testify that the area has been continously lived in from prehistoric through to Ibero-Roman and Moorish times. The village, formerly known as Bolteruela, did not get its present name until the 16thC.

Iglesia de Sta. Maria de la Quinta Angustia
Casa de Los Patiños

Iglesia de la Sta. María de la Quinta Angustia

Casa de Los Patiños

In the 13thC and 14thC there were many confrontations between opposing Moorish and Christian forces. The Moors were eventually evicted and the area taken over by the Condestable (High Constable) de Navarra, who repopulated the village with people from Navarra, Northern Spain. After the Condestable died, the village was given to Don Fadrique de Toledo, as an estate, by his cousin Ferdinando, the then king of Spain. The Don further increased the population of the village with settlers from Castilla, Murcia and other parts of Andalucía and the village was rechristened with its present name.

There are many buildings of interest in the village including the 16thC
Iglesia (Church) de Santa María de la Quinta Angustia, the impressive church of Santas Martires, currently under restoration, and 16thC Casa de Los Patiños, with its old wooden balconies.

There are a number of places to stay in and around the area (
hoteles, casas rurales and alojamientos).

Hermitage of Santas Martires
Puebla de Don Fadrique

Hermitage of Santas Martires

Puebla de Don Fadrique


16th Jan -
San Antón.
Feb/Mar (depending on Lent/Easter) - Carnaval.
Easter Week - Semana Santa.
Sun after 24th June (San Juan) - Romería de las Santas Martires.
15th Aug - Assumption of the Virgin Mary.
22nd Nov -
Santa Cecilia.


Friday morning

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