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Granada, Andalucía

Zújar Weather

The old village of Zújar (see Map) is situated in the Altiplano de Granada, Andalucía, Spain, at the foot of Mount Jabalcón and close to the great Lake Negratín, with its therapeutic thermal springs and smart new hotel.

There is evidence that the area has been populated since Neolithic times and over the centuries many different peoples settled there including Iberians, Romans and Moors. The Moorish influence can still be seen in the old quarter of the village where the labyrinth of narrow streets retain an Arab flavour. Vestiges of the
Alcazaba (Fortress) are also still in evidence.

Zújar, Alcazaba and Jabalcon
Zújar Plaza Mayor

Zújar, Alcazaba and Jabalcón

Zújar Main Square

During the struggle for domination of the area by the Christian forces,
Zújar proved to be very difficult to conquer. The Christians eventually destroyed the fortifications, took over the village and expelled the Moors. The fiesta of the "Moors and Christians", which re-enacts these events, is the oldest in the province, having been celebrated annually without interruption since 17thC. The Iglesia de la Anunciación (Church of the Anunciation) in the main square was built in 16thC on the sight of an old mosque.

The village of
Zújar has an intriguing old cave house (casa cueva) area, known as Barrio Abatel. The cave dwellings, some dating back to 18thC, sprawl in a haphazard fashion over a hillside at one edge of the village.

There are a number of places to stay in and around the village (
hoteles, casas rurales and alojamientos).

Zújar and Terraces
Barrio Abatel. Zújar

Zújar and Terraces

Barrio Abatel, Zújar


Easter week -
Semana Santa.
End of April - main fiesta in honour of the
Virgen de la Cabeza, during which the "Moors and Christians" re-enactment and processions take place.
3rd May -
Día de la Cruz (Day of the Floral Crosses).
15th May -
San Isidro.
Mid-Aug -
Feria (Summer Fair).
2nd Oct -
El Ángel (Day of the Angel).
13th Dec -
Santa Lucia.


Saturday morning

Nuestra Senora de la Cabeza

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